A man running for Osceola state representative Warren Love’s seat in the Missouri House says Love’s comments about the vandalism done to a Confederate statue in Springfield are unacceptable.

Chase Crawford, who serves as a county commissioner in Hickory County, is running against Love in the next election.

In a Facebook post, Love said the vandals should be hung from a tall tree with a long rope.

He later apologized.

Here’s more from Crawford’s email soliciting campaign donations:

Many have read the unfortunate comments by Rep. Warren Love (R-125th) calling for the hanging of vandals responsible for the defacing of a Civil War monument in Springfield, Missouri.

While Warren disregards this as “cowboy talk”, it is unacceptable for a sitting member of the Missouri House of Representatives.

I have been elected by the people, and currently serve as the Eastern Commissioner for Hickory County, MO.

The people of Rural Missouri are committed to raising solid families, helping our neighbors, and protecting the blessings of the simple life.

We do not stand for violence toward our neighbors or strangers in any capacity.

Rep. Love does not represent his district in a manner that reflects the district’s character – and true values of Rural Missourians.

This is part of the reason I have announced as a candidate for State Representative.

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