Healthcare PlatformAffordable Healthcare and Prescription Drugs

People need to be healthy to enjoy life and to work in our rural area. All too often, prescription drug costs are unaffordable even for those with insurance. In the legislature, Chase Crawford will work to ensure that all Missourians can afford and access health services. He’ll also work to lessen over-burdensome reporting requirements for small businesses.

Education PlatformEducation

Our public schools are the backbone of our communities. We must see that our rural schools get their fair share and that our teachers are paid a salary they deserve.

In the Missouri House, I’ll work to expand Missouri’s A+ program for students who take an active role in their community to include community colleges and trade schools, so our children can get a good-paying job without taking on an insurmountable debt.

2nd Amendment Platform2nd Amendment

Chase spends much of his spare time shooting skeet and duck hunting. It’s important that those of us who understand how guns fit into our rural way of life lead the conversation.

Opioid PlatformOpioid Crisis

Many of us know someone who has wrestled with addiction. Or maybe we have persona in our lives that just “seems a little off lately”. It’s even more jarring when that person has an unborn baby inside – a baby that will be born with the addiction.

Three Missourians are lost each day to opioid overdose. In the legislature, Chase Crawford will work to join together government agencies, clinics, hospitals, law enforcement, families and friends to fight this modern plague.

Through this unified mission, we can save that mother, father, sister, brother or child from the overdose that could be their last.

Internet PlatformRural Broadband

A huge rate of commerce is growing exponentially online. Missouri has an internet connection problem — and rural Missourian is disproportionately facing the brunt of the impact: Farmers are unable to stay competitive in a world that relies on the internet to check crop prices, weather patterns, operate GPS-reliant machinery, and maintain livestock medical records. Rural
hospitals, clinics and pharmacies can’t connect with the resources they need to provide affordable healthcare options. Small businesses and families can’t sustain the basic services that those in other areas take for granted.

If we continue to lose connectivity ground, we will continue to lose dollars – and our children – to cities and states who are making commitments to provide broadband to their residents.

Chase Crawford, is working with the state and private entities to bring fiber-optic access to our rural areas.

Agriculture PlatformAgriculture

Working as an auctioneer, Chase has seen first-hand the struggles of our agricultural way of life. He believes that our farmers, ranchers, and families in rural areas must be equipped to get the best prices for their grain and livestock and compete in a global marketplace. That means cutting through the government’s red tape and restrictive measures, ensuring reliable broadband access, and seeing that we get our fair share.

Sexual Abuse PlatformFighting Sexual Abuse

Domestic abuse and sexual violence happen in the shadows of too many lives. Chase Crawford believes in protecting women, children, and families who are the victims of an overbearing situation.

Political Backroom Deals PlatformEnding political backroom deals

Seems as though every week another politician’s misconduct is on the television. While some personal escapades are disgusting, chase Crawford prefers to focus on how politicians handle our tax dollars. In the Missouri House, he’ll be the people’s watchdog – protecting our tax dollars from waste, fighting government fraud, and working to see that we get as much value out of every dime as possible.

Veterans PlatformVeterans

Chase Crawford believes we have a responsibility to those who have worn a United States military uniform. In our State Capitol, he’ll work to see that our veterans have access to the benefits they earned and deserve.